Collective Brains Mentor Terms And Conditions

This Mentor Supplement is a supplement to the Agreement (Enter terms of use link) between you and Collective Brains. This supplement sets forth additional terms and conditions that are applicable to your provision of Mentorship Services through the Collective Brains Platform. Capitalized terms herein have the same meaning defined in the Agreement. This Mentor Supplement replaces and supersedes any Mentor Supplements that have been previously agreed to with Collective Brains.


Representation and Warranties of Mentors

By being a Mentor on the Collective Brains Platform, you understand, represent, warrant, and agree to the following:
  1. The Information you have provided to Collective Brains is complete, authentic, and current.
  2. Except when required by law or to maintain compliance with the law, Collective Brains has no influence over your decision to accept a Mentee’s request for Mentorship Service.
  3. Collective Brains is not, in any way, responsible for the activities or actions you perform while providing your Mentorship Services.
  4. Collective Brains may obtain information about you regarding your qualifications as a Mentor. This may include obtaining information about your criminal records, work experiences, and degrees or certifications. You agree to cooperate with Collective Brains
  5. You will pay all applicable taxes necessary to remain in compliance with the law regarding the payments you receive for providing Mentorship Services.

Relationship with Collective Brains

By being a Mentor on the Collective Brains Platform, you understand and agree that you have a direct business relationship with Collective Brains, and the relationship between the parties under this agreement is limited to that of independent contracting parties. You and Collective Brains expressly agree that (1) this is not an employment agreement and does not create an employment relationship between you and Collective Brains; and (2) no joint venture, franchisor- franchisee, partnership, or agency relationship is intended or created by this Agreement. You have no authority to bind Collective Brains, and you undertake not to hold yourself out as an employee, agent or authorized representative of Collective Brains.

Collective Brains has no control of your performance as a Mentor, your pricing, or your choice to accept a request for Mentorship Services. You are entirely responsible for the Mentorship Services you provide and your relationships with your Mentors.


Mentorship Services Fee

You are entitled to the Mentorship Services Fee for your Mentorship Services as provided in the Agreement and this Supplement. Except for Subscription Mentors, the “Mentorship Services Fee” is the price and time frame that you decide to charge for your Mentorship Services and has been expressed to Collective Brains. An example of a time frame would be “per hour.” Collective Brains will add its own services fee (Platform Fee) to your Mentorship Services Fee and list the price for users to see. The Mentorship Services Fee that you set will be the amount a Mentee owes to you after you accept an offer for Mentorship Services from a Mentee. The combination of Mentorship Services Fee and the Platform Fee is the “Mentorship Fee”.

Collective Brains Reserves the right to withhold any Fees received from Mentee after such termination of Mentorship Services. The decision to refund Fees remains within Collective Brains sole discretion at all times. Any cancelation of Mentorship Services by a Mentee must be provided; (1) in writing to the specific Mentor, (2) at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled performance date of such Mentorship Services, (3) and must be made with good reason subject to Collective Brains. Any Mentee who cancels their Mentorship Services not in accordance to the above three cancelation requirements will not receive a refund for any payments made towards the canceled Mentorship Service. Mentees will receive a refund for any payments made towards a Mentorship Service that has been canceled if the cancelation is made by the Mentor.


Platform Fee

Collective Brains collects a fee for using the Collective Brains Platform. This Platform Fee is included in the total sale price for the product or services purchased by a user on the platform. The Platform Fee is 40% of the total sale price of the product or services purchased by a user.


Content for Purchase

As a Mentor, you may have the opportunity to upload content to the Platform for a user to purchase. Collective Brains does not retain any intellectual property rights of such content, and by uploading such content, you confirm that such content is not restricted by any intellectual property rights that would prevent the sale of such content or would inhibit any profit taking from Collective Brains. Any content you provide for sale is not content made for hire and Collective Brains. Collective Brains may promote such content on social media or in paid advertising.

You are able to determine the price that a User is required to pay for access to your content and agree that Collective Brains. will receive a predesignated percentage of the price that you set.

By opting in, Collective Brains may arrange or combine your uploaded content for purchase to create Combined Products for users. A Combined Product is unique from the individually uploaded content that is used to create such a product and as a result has its own pricing determined by Collective Brains. By allowing Collective Brains to create Combined Products, The Mentors who provided content for a Combined Product will receive a proportionate amount of 60% of the sale price. For example if 10% of the Combined Product includes your content, you would receive 10% of 60% the sale price. IF such content is branded as exclusively Collective Brains Content, Mentors will receive 70% of the sale price instead of 60%.


Payments, Adjustments and Settlement

Collective Brains will collect payments owed to you by your Mentee as your limited payment collection agent and you agree that the receipt of such payments by Collective Brains satisfies the Mentee’s obligation to you. Collective Brains reserves the right to adjust or withhold all or a portion of your Mentorship Services Fee or other payment owed to you (1) if we believe that you have attempted to defraud or abuse users, Collective Brains, or the Collective Brains Platform, (2) in order to resolve a Mentee complaint (e.g., you did not provide any Mentorship Services). We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that your Mentorship Services Fee and any other payments to you will be paid to you on monthly. You acknowledge and agree that all payments owed to you shall not include any interest and will be net of any amounts that we are required to withhold by law.


Subscription Mentor

As a Mentor, you can opt in to being a Subscription Mentor. As a Subscription Mentor, you agree to provide Mentorship Services to any Subscriber. The Subscriber pays an, in advance, recurring Subscription Fee which includes fees for the Mentorship Services that you provide.


Subscription Fees

If you are a Mentor providing Mentorship Services to a Subscriber, the Mentorship Services Fee will be determined by an hourly rate set by Collective Brains.


Payment Processing

Payment processing services are provided by Stripe and subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement (available at, which includes the Stripe Services Agreement (available at (collectively, the “Stripe Terms”). By using the Collective Brains Platform to receive payment proceeds, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Terms, which may be modified from time to time. As a condition of Collective brains enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you authorize Collective Brains to obtain all necessary access and perform all necessary activity on your Stripe Connected Account to facilitate your provision of Mentorship Services as contemplated by the Agreement and your relationship with Collective brains. You further agree to provide accurate and complete information about you and your business, and authorize Collective Brains to share it and transaction information with Stripe for the purposes of facilitating the payment processing services provided by Stripe. Collective Brains reserves the right to switch payment processing vendors or use alternate or backup vendors in its discretion.