Bertrand Labelle is smiling and wearing a black coat with a white shirt

Bertrand Labelle


Bert is President and CEO of Vista Security and Investigations. He has formerly held senior-level roles in Marketing, Sales, and Business Transformation, delivering new markets, new partnerships, and growing revenues in multiple geographies and cultures.

Bert’s background includes previous global roles such as Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for the datacenter and connectivity company Cogeco Peer 1 Inc., as well as many years in various Senior-Level Sales and Marketing positions with Microsoft Corporation.

He is a culturally attuned relationship builder and an inspirational team leader. Bert has a proven track record of developing creative, energized, customer-centric, and trusted high-performing communities of people with an emphasis on accountability and strong analytics to deliver business value.

Key Areas of Mentoring:

CMO careers

Managing marketing across cultures

Marketing and innovation

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