Cesar Keller


Cesar Keller is the Founder of Collective Brains, the global platform for fast and effective upskilling. As a former General Manager and CMO of companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, and Pepsico, he helps CEOs and CMOs learn and apply the skills necessary to lead their organizations with empathy, compassion, and discipline to achieve high growth.

He has led management and marketing teams to unleash high growth in Tech and Consumer industries, adding billions of dollars to their top lines. He has spearheaded digital transformation and culture processes and led the creation of a number of winning platforms, campaigns, and products, enabling powerful emotional connections with customers.

With a background in engineering, he fell in love with Artificial Intelligence in college, while creating code for a school project.

Today, his studies are focused on the science behind effective leadership and high performance. His book – (Non) Human Intelligence: How AI, Automation and Robots will make us better people – is his manifesto about the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence in service of better leaders, better workplaces, and higher levels of performance.

Key Areas of Mentoring:

CEO Careers

Business Transformation

Strategy & Culture

The Future of Work

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