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John Earl Carroll


John is a Marketing and Sales Mentor, author, coach, and consultant who serves and guides leaders who get stuck because they think they must have all the answers. He works together with them to uncover and implement approaches for desired results that last.

John is internationally recognized for unlocking hidden productivity reserves and helping executives and teams to get more done. He has worked effectively with every level of organizations, including front-line sales and service, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs in public and privately held companies as well as trade groups, boards, and charitable organizations.

John is a national award-winning columnist and the author of Sales Illustrated: 68 Sales Lessons from Everyday Life (available in three languages) and The Great Big Book of Goal Setting and Getting. His columns have appeared regularly in The Charleston Regional Business Journal and The Catholic Miscellany. His approaches have attracted attention around the planet, including articles appearing in Chief Executive China magazine.

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