Kristina Touzenis


Kristina is an internationally recognized advocate and leader in the field of sustainability. She has vast experience promoting effective implementation of international ESG standards for organizations.

Kristina spent 15-years in the IOM – the UN Agency on Migration – with ten of those years as the Head of International Migration Law. From this, she gained great insight and worldwide exposure. She understands how best to support activities, projects, and operations in complex situations and settings, in a way that furthers social sustainability, based upon good internal governance and structured strategies, as well as results-based reporting.

Kristina employs over 20-years experience in implementation of international law and the SDGs to assist businesses and investors in addressing the ever increasing pressures, from both regulators as well as consumers and asset owners, in becoming and showing that they are truly sustainable. She uses the ESG and SDG as more than labels, but as tools for actually DOING, for developing KPIs and for being results, not report, driven. ESG Sustainability Global compliance standards

Key Areas of Mentoring:


Crisis Management

International Law

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