Omer Aziz Photo

Omer Aziz

People Analytics / Leadership Development

Dr. Lepora Flournoy Photo

Dr. Lepora Flournoy

Cuture / DEI / Leadership Coaching

Bill Brown is wearing a light blue skirt. He is smiling e wearing glasses

Bill Brown

CEO Careers/Business Transformation/Board Relationships/Company turnaround/M&As

Photo of Avra Lyraki

Avra Lyraki

Executive Communication / Leardership Impact / Positive Psychology

Chuck Cooper Photo

Chuck Cooper

Strategic HR Planning / Talent Acquistion / Succession Planning / Leardership Coaching

Silse Martell

Business Transformation/Top Team Engagement/Strategy and Culture/Managing across cultures

LaToya Jackson Photo

LaToya Jackson

Strategic HR Planning / Employee Relations / Talent Acquisition / Divesity and Inclusion / Talent Management / Succession Planning

Cesar Keller

CEO/CMO Careers/Business Transformation/Strategy & Culture/The Future of Work

Allen Kim Photo

Allen Kim

Digital Transformation / IT Management / IT Planning

Mike Navrkal Photo

Mike Navrkal

Strategy / Operations / Logistics / Security / Risk Assesment

Lon Stroschein Photo

Lon Stroschein

M&A / Company Turnaround / Business Transformation

Kristina Touzenis

ESG/Crisis Management/International Law

Neil Katz Photo

Neil Katz

Strategic HR Planning / Culture / Human Capital Allocation / DEI / Leadership Coaching

Meshell Backer Picture

Meshell Baker

Sales Management Careers/Sales Culture/Data-driven Sales/Women in Sales

Chris Igwe Photo

Chris Igwe

Global Retail / Sales / Marketing

Anand Ranganathan Photo

Anand Ranganathan

AI / Big Data / Data Science

Jeff Barker is wearing a black shirt and He is smiling

Jeff Barker

CFO Careers/Strategic planning/Operational turnaround/M&A

Allan Kaufman is wearing a dark coat with a light blue shirt. He has dark hair and wears glasses. a

Alan Kaufman

CEO Careers/Business Transformation/Board Relationships/Crisis Management/M&As

Tiffiney Jahn Photo

Tiffiney Jahn

Agile / Six-Sigma / Strategy

Stefan Tonnon is wearing a black sweater and a ligth blue skirt. He is smiling and has brown hair

Stefan Tonnon

CHRO Careers/Building high performance teams/Organizational transformation

Gregg Tate

CHRO Careers/Leadership Development/Managing HR across cultures

John Earl Carroll Photo

John Earl Carroll

Productivity / Goal-Setting

Alexandra Roth Photo

Alexandra Roth

Career Management / International Careers / Team Performance

Bertrand Labelle is smiling and wearing a black coat with a white shirt

Bertrand Labelle

CMO Careers/Managing marketing across cultures/Marketing and innovation

Vincent Gauthier Photo

Vincent Gauthier

Managing Across Cultures / Business Transformation / The Science of Transformation

Craig Coffey

CMO Careers/Marketing world-class brands/Diversity & Inclusion

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